blackberry revisited, cherry point aged whiskey, lemon cello, lemon, hibiscus & cherry rum

mint ginger whiskey sour, grand river whiskey infused with mint, ginger, earl gray syrup, lemon, egg white

falling with style, cardamom & orange infused vodka, lemon, earl gray syrup, egg white, ginger beer

thyme paradox, three cord bourbon, Serrano thyme syrup, lemon, pear

 saints & sinners, blackberry fennel infused rum, fentimans dandelion & burdock soda

tarantula wasp, pepper stack tequila, blackberry habanero syrup, lime, soda

smoke on the boulevard, three chord 12 bar bourbon, piccolo ditto amaro, sweet vermouth, smoked hickory

fox's hound, orange cardamom vodka, ginger & turmeric syrup, grapefruit

amaro pie, cinnamon apple agave amore, cranberry amaro, lime, cinnamon and clove syrup

dram its cold, three cord bourbon, honey & brown sugar syrup, ouzo, egg white

newtons apple dream, spiced apple infused tequila, cream, simple syrup

the classics

$5 classics All day on Tuesdays

simply cosmopolitan, lemon ginger infused vodka, triple sec, lavender syrup, cranberry, lime

rum away mojito, blackberry & fennel rum, lemon cello, lime, fresh mint, soda

dear daiquiri, hibiscus & cherry rum, lime, honey & brown sugar syrup

mule, lemon ginger infused vodka, ginger beer, lime, lemon ginger cubes

negroni by wes, cucumber lime infused gin, piccolo dito amaro, piccolo dito sweet vermouth, lavender cube

old fashioned, three chord rye, turbinado simple syrup, orange coriander bitters

michigan manhattan, three chord rye, piccolo ditto sweet vermouth, lemon coriander bitters, smoked cherry bitters

the margarita, grand river distillery tequila, triple sec, agave syrup, lime, lavender syrup

martini Mondays

$5 martinis All day on Mondays

simply cosmopolitan, lemon ginger infused vodka, triple sec, lavender syrup, cranberry, lime

traditional martini, gin or vodka, dry vermouth, stirred or shaken, up or rocks, choice of garnish & dirty option

smoke & martini, grand river gin, sweet vermouth, dry vermouth, smoked with hickory

cello drop, north river vodka, home-made limoncello, triple sec, lemon twist

cold brew, orange cardamom vodka, triple sec, cranberry, earl grey syrup, lime


sangria & tap drinks 1/2 off all day on Thursdays

glass / 9       pitcher / 32

winter rose, seasonal red sangria

house cherry cider, wine cider

house wine cider, cider

kombucha, made by grand river distillery, hopped & grapefruit flavor

alcohol-free libations

berry good time, blackberry, cucumber, mint, soda

thai spritz, ginger, lemongrass, lime, botanical tonic

lemonade jamaica, lemon, hibiscus, soda

fentiman's botanical tonic waters

fever tree ginger beer

vitacoco coconut water