Our Vision

We are a collective of Michigan-based winemakers, distillers, chefs, bakers, cocktail crafters, story tellers, and characters.


Originally opened by Ed and Robert Brengman as a tasting room to showcase their award-winning wines and bring a taste of Traverse City to Grand Rapids, Forty Pearl has grown to be so much more with the partnership of Brengman Brothers, Bonobo Winery, Grand River Distillery, Grand River Bakery,  and a well-traveled culinary team.


We’d put Michigan up with the best of ‘em for producing some of the finest wine, spirits, and food and we strive to showcase this in every glass and plate served.


Our family is third generation hospitality. We have the “love to make people happy” gene. Our grandfather was the first in the food service industry, and dad was the first family entrepreneur breaking into the industry, at peak owning four restaurants in the greater Detroit area. We grew up knowing and appreciating wine from the restaurant perspective, believing that a gratifying reward for being alive is a great meal with great wine. Ed and Robert decided in 2003 to focus on wine after learning about the ideal cool-climate growing conditions in the Traverse Wine Coast region.


We are a solid, passionate team of balanced characters, some young, some in the middle and some not-so-young, who are on the same page of wanting to make greatness as stewards of this wonderful peninsula. As we dial into perfection in vineyards and cellar, we expect to boost the quality to even higher levels that may even get the attention of players in the Old World as we have in national competitions. No matter what, our contribution to Michigan wine-making, and Michigan's role in America's fine wine Renaissance, will benefit the growing number of consumers who appreciate real wine.